Thursdag tip: How to link old posts

Thursdag tip: How to link old posts

Forget the frantic scrolling when looking to link to an old blogpost in a new one you're writing. There's an easier way to find old blogpost links, and here we're telling you how! Blogging tips - 2

If you're writing a blogpost about something you've mentioned before in your blog, it can be smart to link back to that post, so that your readers can get up to speed. But, did you know that you don't need to waste time scrolling through your entire blog to find a specific post? You can take a short cut by typing keywords into the link bar where you write new posts.

How to find the link to an old post via the link bar:
1. Start by selecting the word you want link

2. Go to the menu and choose Link

3. Instead of pasting a URL, write a keyword to the post you're looking for, suggestions will appear

Select the word you want to link and then choose Link in the menu above

A link box will appear. Here you can both paste a URL but also search for already published posts using keywords