Third of advent: creative Christmas wrappings

Third of advent: creative Christmas wrappings

Do you want to make something funny out of your Christmas wrappings this year? Then you have to check these tips out! Turn your gifts to something that looks good under your Christmas tree and give that someone an extra luxurious feeling while getting your gift. Other -

For the creative one
Get inspired by our nature and create personal and creative wrappings that are super easy to make but they look very well thought out. Go out in the forest and pick some pine cones, some spruce, use dried flowers or tie a cinnamon stick to it. Only your fantasy can stop you!

For the youngest ones
Surprise your siblings, cousins or your playful friend with this creative wrapping that almost makes the gift inside uninteresting. You can also give some other animals a try, like a reindeer or maybe a snowman!

For a classy feeling
Do you prefer earthy colors and a classy feeling on Christmas? Then you should give this wrapping a try. You can spread the Christmas feelings even if you do not like strong colors and sparkles, that is for sure! Try to mix a few different wrapping papers, add a tag, peppermint stick or a twig of spruce!

For the typical Christmas feeling
Colors in red and green, silk ribbons, glitter, sparkles and Christmas tags. It is ageless, it is beautiful and it makes the Christmas feelings flow in your body and home, just like it is taken from an American Christmas movie.

For the artistic one
If you forgot to buy wrapping decorations but still want to make your Christmas gifts more personal you should try this! The only thing you need is a few color pencils and your kreative mind (or Pinterest)!

Do you have any tips for a creative Christmas wrapping?