The winners in this year's #Nouw30DayChallenge

The winners in this year's #Nouw30DayChallenge

The 15 days long blogging challenge #Nouw30DayChallenge finished this Sunday and today it is finally time to reveal the winners! Other - 18

First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to all of you! We were all very pleasantly surprised by the positive response we got when we first announced the blogging competition #nouw30daychallenge this winter. It was amazing that so many of you wanted to participate and kickstart this year of blogging together with us!

You have all spread so much positive energy around and it is so great to see all of you getting excited for each other and engaging so much in each other’s content and blogs. We really hope that all of you will keep this energy going and keep supporting one another here at Nouw!

What are we really here for? Well, we are just about to announce our fantastic winners of the #nouw30daychallenge!

The winner: @emmeliesehlin

The Jury's motivation:
"Visiting Emmelie's blog is truly a delight to the eye. Her personality shines through her posts and you really feel her presence! Emmelie's goal with the challenge was to produce well-written and inspiring posts about photography, interior design and dinner tips. During the competition, we have been able to keep up with Johanna's renovation and we have also received many tips and tricks to keep in mind when you’re looking at a house, and when you start the renovation. We have also been seeing many fantastic photos as well as well-written posts about everything from getting rid of unnecessary stuff, tips on how to take care of ourselves and delicious recipes!

In the middle of all this, she lives a life as a mom and we have read posts with reflections on what she has learned the first time as a mother. We are incredibly excited to continue to follow Emmelie's journey and see where it will lead her and her blog in the future!”

Shared second to forth place: @helenaengstrom, @annaengborg och @elinfrost

First place
: Emmelie will together with a friend go on an amazing spa weekend at Sankt Jörgen Park and later on have the possibility to write an article about her stay in the Nouw Magazine. She will also get premium pro membership and a goodie bag filled with lots of luxurious goodies!

Second to forth place: They will receive a luxurious goodie bag filled with lots of fantastic products!