The winners in this year's  #Nouw30DayChallenge

The winners in this year's #Nouw30DayChallenge

The 30 day long blogging challenge came to and end on Tuesday and today it's time to present the winners! Other - 4

First things first, of course we want to start off with saying thank you! We were so overwhelmed by your positive response when we announced the return of the #Nouw30DayChallenge. Those of you who participated in the challenge all made an effort to give it all and to put your own spin on the challenge, so that it would suit your own style of blogging just right. That's exaclty what we hoped for!

You have all helped to spead some amazing and inspring energy during one of the darkest months of the year. An energy we hope that you will contignue to spread here on Nouw - also in the future.

Without further ado - here are the amazing winners of the #Nouw30DayChallenge 2018!

First place: @idaangvik - Norway

Words from the jury:
When you come into Ida's blog, you're in for a real treat. With her amazing creativity, beautiful photos & great sense of style she has inspiered us on a daily basis during the challenge. When Ida signed up for the challenge she set goals where she wanted to share more experiences in the blog, on travel and places to visit. But she also wanted to post more personal posts, so that her readers could get to know her better.

We have not only been able to tag along with Ida to Rome, we have also been given the privilege of getting to know her better on a personal level. She has shared funny & personal anecdotes and also told us about her exciting job. From what we can see, from looking at Ida's blog, she has found a new and more personal nieche for her blog during these 30 days - it's come to be a perfect mix of fashion and experiences with a personal touch. We're looking forward to see what the future holds for both Ida and here blog!

Second place: @emmafelsing - Sweden

Shared third to tenth place:
@mettehogh - Denmark
@tildasofia - Finland
@elineemma - The Netherlands
@kristinw - Norway
@emmaoesterby - Denmark
@andreapalomas - Sweden
@matildaogren - Sweden
@kajamarie - Norway

First place: Ida gets to go on an inspiring weekend trip to Paris and will publish her own travel article in Nouw Magazine after her trip.

Second place: Emma will be able to chose an outfit from Twist & Tango's stunning Sustainable clothing line.

Third to tenth place: A two year premium membership on Nouw.

On Satuday you get to tag along when we had a chat with our winner Ida! Among other things, we talked about finding motivation to blog and the upcoming trip to Paris. And of course you get to know how she reacted when she got the amazing news that she had won first price!