The winners in this fall's #NouwSeptemberChallenge

The winners in this fall's #NouwSeptemberChallenge

The 15 days long blogging challenge #NouwSeptemberChallenge finished last Wednesday and today it is finally time to reveal the winners! Other - 20

First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to all of you! We were all very pleasantly surprised by the positive response we got when we first announced the blogging competition #NouwSeptemberChallenge this fall. It was amazing that so many of you wanted to participate and kickstart this fall of blogging together with us!

You have all spread so much positive energy around and it is so great to see all of you getting excited for each other and engaging so much in each other’s content and blogs. We really hope that all of you will keep this energy going and keep supporting one another here at Nouw!

What are we really here for? Well, we are just about to announce our fantastic winners of the #NouwSeptemberChallenge 2020!

The winner: @fruwendel

The jury’s motivation:
"When you visit Johanna’s blog you immediately see her bright and positive personality! It really shines through all of her blog posts! Johanna’s goal with the competition was to share her personal journey and how it actually is to start up you own store. During the month we have been able to read about some great moments, like her own wedding day and the opening day of her own store. We have also been able to read about those moments that have felt a bit harder, a lot of stressful days and challenges that you are faced with while trying to grow your own company.

In the midst of all this, Johanna has found a lot of motivation and a longing for blogging. She has felt a new confidence, and she now believes wholeheartedly in herself and everything she does, so do we! We are incredibly excited to keep following her journey and see where it will take her and her blog in the future!"

Shared second and third place: @mieholse and @ebbabrage

Shared fourth and fifth place: @ellicalundgren and @tiffanykarlsson

First place: Johanna will together with a friend go on an amazing spa weekend at Falkenberg Strandbad and later on write an article about their stay in the Nouw Magazine. … will also get an Olympus Pen compact camera, premium pro membership and a goodie bag filled with lots of luxurious goodies!

Second and third place: Mie and Ebba will each be sent an Olympus Pen compact camera together with a luxurious goodie bag!

Fourth and fifth place: Ellica and Tiffany will get sent a luxurious goodie bag filled with lots of fantastic products!