The Friday interview: Elin Skoglund

The Friday interview: Elin Skoglund

This week's Friday interview is with Nouw's very own Elin Skoglund. We're chatting about everything from analyzing love, to sitting on a window sill in Tuscany sipping on a glass of wine. Profile - 2

Hi Elin, what are your plans for the weekend?
Hi lovely Sanna. This weekend I'm doing all sorts of cozy things. My best friend has made plans for us this Saturday, she's planned a pre-birthday celebration for me. On Sunday I'm off to Åre to go skiing for a few days.

How does a normal day in your live look like?
My days are very different, day to day. Yesterday I ran in-between events all day. The primary reason to why people attend events is to network and meet new people. We can all help eachother to move forward.

In your blog we get to read a lot about feelings and love, what is your relation to love?
Love is my abosolute favourite subject to analyze, write and talk about. It makes me inspiered. I am a true romantic so I think love is the meaning of life in so many ways.

What tips do you have for all new singles out there?
I have so many tips that I've written down on my blog. But, shortly put, enjoy single life - it's not often you're single. Maybe this is the last time you are single. Maybe not. But the feeling of being "free" and that you can do "whatever you want" is absolutely wounderful. When you're single you need to constanlty work torwards having the right attitude, to turn the negative into something positive.

If you could choose another profession for a day, what would you choose?
I would want to be an actress! Totally. I've dreamt about that since I was a little girl.

How will your life look like in 10 years?
I'll have a charming wineyard in Tucany, my house will look like a castle in miniature form, I'll drink red wine in a window sill while watching the sunset. My kids are running around down by the fields and everything is just perfect. Calm. Yes, something like that is what I imagine? That's the romantic in me talking, haha.

5 quick questions about the weekend:
The first things I do on a Friday when I get home from work... Take a shower, put on some music, drink a glass of champagne, re-do my make-up and cook dinner. Then I invite some friends over.

This is how I get amped up for a night out... The key thing for me is that the night is spontanoius.

On a Saturday morning, here is where you'll find me... at Mellqvist (a café in Stockholm), eating breakfast.

My favourite hangover fix every Sunday is... Tacos or a creamy pasta from the place around the corner.

My Sunday routine to get ready for a brand new week is... to clean my flat, shower, use a facemask and to have long talks with a friend.

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