Take your blog to the next level

Take your blog to the next level

#NouwSeptemberChallenge - Do you have a lot of dreams when it comes to your blog, but feel unsure of how to reach them? Today our profile Ellen Delin gives us her top nine tips for taking your blog to the next level! Blogging tips - 4

1. Use a design that highlights your content, pictures and text
A design that is too busy can give the impression of a messy blog. Earthy tones, whites and light grays are some examples of colors that are pleasant for the eye and will make your blog look more professional.

2. Even the font is important when you run a blog
Compare this font, to this one that is a lot harder to read och more difficult for the eye to pick up. The size of the font matters too.

3. Think of how you write
In other words, how you construct your sentences. Try to avoid starting a sentence with I, but and it. That does not mean that you should avoid using them all together, but use them sparingly. For example, "I just got back home and now I am going to drink a cup of coffee before I take a walk". Write "A moment ago I got back home to a really hot coffee and will soon take a walk in this beautiful weather" instead. Describe the situation, give it a story.

4. Avoid the spoken language
A properly written sentence looks a lot better than a sentence that is filled with words you only use when talking. And please - do not overdo it with the emojis.

5. Be active on the platform you blog at
Comment on other creators' posts and show that you are engaged. Avoid comments like "nice blog". Read the post, be inspired and leave a comment that makes it worth for whoever reads it to visit your blog next. You can definitely comment on bigger creators' blogs for this too, an easy advertising trick for your own blog!

6. Use all of your social medias
One example is Facebook, where you can find tons of groups intended for bloggers and comments. There are also international ones you can join. Nouw bloggare, bloggar, blogging and bloggarnas värld are a few examples of some groups you can join.

7. Do not forget that the world of blogging is so much bigger than your own blog platform
Leave a comment on your favorite blog, visit another platform and make an impression there as well.

8. One way to make money from your blog is by using affiliate links.
Affiliate links - clickable links that give you a small payment for each unique click. Nouw offers a collaboration with Metapic, but you can also become a member at independent sites.

9. Never publish a post you later on would want to delete.
Put in your time and energy when it comes to your posts. Trust me - you can easily notice if a post has been forced or not.

My theory is that everything about the blog matters. It is easier to keep following a blog that has a professional design and clearly shows that a lot of time is put into making the posts. Nothing says that the pictures need to be taken by a DSLR camera or that an "everyday life" post is wrong. Just pay attention to how you write and how the blog looks for a visitor at first sight.

My guidelines are usually magazines and online papers. Stylish, elegant and beautiful with a focus on the pictures and the text, but also the front cover.

Pictures and text: @ellendelin

Do you have any tips when it comes to taking you blog to the next level?