Soft & earthy tones at home with Kajsa Svensson

Soft & earthy tones at home with Kajsa Svensson

We visit Kajsa in her charming flat, in the heart of Sölvesborg in southern Sweden - a place she calls home together with her partner Filip. The open layout and high ceilings let the light flow beautifully around the light interiors - making us want to move right in! Lifestyle - 28

Our Nouw blogger Kajsa (@kajsasven) lives with her partner Filip, in the heart of a little Swedish town called Sölvesborg, overlooking the town's main sqaure. The flat is located at the top of the house, with an open layout and lots of dreamy earth-toned interiors making it feel homey and inviting. We got the chance to take a sneak peak into Kajsa's lovely home and ask her all about what her next DIY project will be, to her best tips for finding your own personal decor style.

Let's start from the beginning, when did you and your partner move into your flat?
- It was just before Christmas in 2017. I had lived in Gothenburg for a while but fell in love with a guy who lived in my home town so I simply took all of my belongings and landed back home in Sölvelsborg again. But I've always had a special love and bond for little Sölvelsborg since it's where I grew up and still have all my loved ones. I knew that I eventually would move back. And it has never felt as good as it does right now.

How did you think & plan your decor before moving in?
- I finally had the chance to make my interior dreams come true. I've lived in quite a few flats before - but small student flats, furnished ones and so on. To have my own flat, standing there at our disposal with freshly painted walls was a dream come true. Since it's a loft with visible beams I wanted to keep the bohemian feel. I prefer the earthy and cosy feel over the modern and "bare" look.

What details are your favourites in your home?
- My favouirte piece of furniture is for sure my kitchen table. An old wooden one that my mum also had when she was young. It creaks and you can get the odd chipping when you've having breakfast, but it's worth it. Other than that I also like my wall tapestry and all my green plants.

Your home has this perfect balance between homey and less-is-more. What's your best tips when it comes to adding personalty without overcrowding your home with "stuff"?
- Thank you! I try to keep it quite clean as a rule. Meaning, to have a fresh and light base, and keeping the big furniture grey, white or beige. Then I let the details do the talking. I have loads of house plants and greenery, linen throws, simple scented candles, coffee table books and a vinyl record player. I tend to add things that I think look nice. All other things that I don't use on a daily basis or that are simply in the way - I tuck away in the TV unit, in my closets or cleaning cabinets. Hehe.

What are your best tips for finding your personal decor style?
- As I mentioned before, I've lived in many different flats and had different styles. As the years have gone by my interest for interiors have grown, and as I became more comfortable in my own skin, it also made me understood what I like and dislike when it came to decor. If I check my saved photos on Instagram I can see they're all the same style. Cozy flats with light pink Persian rugs, rattan furniture, big beds with fluffy duvets, cacti and tiled kitchens. You probably have something that you're especially drawn to. And then, just go for it.

One of Kajsa's best tips is to load up on green plants

When the dining table isn't full of Italian charcuteries, it doubles up as Kajsa's home office

Even the bedroom has plenty of greenery. And white crips bed linnen, of course

3 snappy questions:

Kajsa's best interior buy: investing in lots of plants. Almost like a jungle!

Next home DIY project: to tackle my closet. We have a space for this in our little den, in the bedroom. I've got plans to buy shelves and drawers, so structure, clear out and toss what I don't need.

Interior worth spending money on: rugs and furniture, like kitchen chairs or a sofa. They will probably last a long time. All other decor is changed quite a lot. Or at least in my home. I bring out and tuck away.

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