”Show your true self and do not hide behind a filter"

”Show your true self and do not hide behind a filter"

How can you be successful on social medias and how do you get social medias as a profession? We have interviewed our profile Emma Felsing who works as a Social Media & Community Coordinator at Holdit. Check out her awesome tips and feel inspired! Other -

How come you ended up at Holdit?
It is actually a funny story. I went to an event that they hosted in Gothenburg back in 2019 and talked to them about my upcoming move to my boyfriend on the west coast. A couple of interviews later and the fall of 2019 I ended up being hired. No one is happier than I am over that and a tip for all of you job hunters out there who are searching for your dream job - go on a lot of events and mingle.

Guide us through a normal workday as a Social media & Community Coordinator!
Oh, this one is hard, because all of my days look very different. I worked until 10pm yesterday talking about trends with our designer and a couple of girls. Another day I can be at the Fashion Week in Copenhagen and another at the office answering emails. In short, I have a lot of contact with our profiles, send out PR-packages, analyze our social medias, answer DMs and comments, update our Tik Tok and our Community Facebook page, create content, look for trends, coordinate smaller events for our Community, make sure we have relevant content on our digital channels and create long-term strategies.

What is the best part of your job?
That everyday look different and that my colleges are amazing! I feel happy every day that I get to meet wonderful and inspiring colleges.

What do you need to think about if you wish to stand out from the crowd on social medias?
Show your true self and do not hide behind a filter, show them the wonderful person that you are. Show the everyday joy you experience and post things you feel great about. Do not look at what others do, be unique and dare to stand out and do what you feel great about in the long run.

What inspires and motivates you?
I think that a personality is more inspiring than a feed on Instagram. My lovely friends inspire me a lot and my beloved mum has always been someone who inspires me. My mum has always been an amazing woman who do things her own way and dares to voice her opinion. I get so inspired by watching her love for our family, it so incredibly strong. She is amazing!

Give us your top three tips for being successful on social media!
1. Do not think that being successful means getting more followers, it will not make you happy. Focus on how you want to inspire someone with your amazing personality.

2. Set up a marketing plan, what do you want to achieve? What are your goals and what sub-goals do you need to be able to reach that? Set up a deadline and sit down regularly to evaluate how far you have come and what you still got to do. Your goals can be how small or how big you want them to be.

3. Show the good with the bad, do not create a positive picture of reality, but rather show everything that goes wrong. We all do mistakes both in life and in everyday life, show that too!

What will your work fall look like?
It is PACKED with lots of coziness. We have a few collections coming up so have a look at our instagram @holditbrand for any news, I cannot say too much about it but it will be MAGICAL. When it comes to my personal instagram I have a couple of events and dinners booked and some very exciting collaborations lining up. Check it out for any updates: @emmafelsing. But I also want to point out that your work is not everything! To feel good, work out, watch a great movie in front of lots of candles, put on facemasks and cuddle with dogs are some of the best things out there!

You can read Emma's blog here @emmafelsing