Reach your goals using the Law of Attraction – 7 easy steps

Reach your goals using the Law of Attraction – 7 easy steps

#Nouw30daychallenge weekly winner – Who does not love to set new goals, especially now during the beginning of the new year? This week our profile Julia Frostensson inspires us to use the Law of Attraction to reach our goals! Fitness & health - 22

A lot of us might have heard about the "Law of Attraction" before, but might feel a bit confused about how one can actually use it to reach one's goals. Julia Frostensson have been using the Law of Attraction for many years and will this week give us seven easy, but effective, tips on how we can use it too!

1. Write down your goals.
I always have goals for the new year, but usually I just keep them inside of me and never write them down. This is something I changed this year and sat down with paper and a pen and tried to put down exactly how I wanted my 2021 to be and what I wanted to achieve. I highly recommend to write down your goals because that really gives you some clarity about what you really want.

2. Focus on the right things.
Law of Attraction and goals are two things that to me feel very much connected. The Law of Attraction is all about the fact that we will attract the things we think of. If you think negative thoughts you will attract negative things and the other way around. Simply put, you attract the things you focus on. That is why it is important to focus on the right things and trying to be more aware of your thoughts and steer yourself into the direction that you want.

3. The importance of visualisation.
If there is something specific that you would like to have in your life, you should already feel the feeling of having it. Think of all the elite athletes who for example imagine themselves winning the olympics. They visualise the feeling har ahead, how it will feel running across the finish line, how the body will feel, the smells, the sounds etc. Law of Attraction is what a lot of elite athletes are using and that is exactly how you can use it too. If you would like to learn more about the Law of Attraction I can recommend the book "The Secret". The first time i read it was in high school and since then I have re-read it, listen to it and watched the movie at least two times.

5. Affirmation.
That is why, when I write down my goals, I write them like I already achieved them. For example I write down "I have..." instead of "I wish to have...". This is called to affirmate.

4. Visualise your goals.

When I have my goals set I find it quite easy to visualise them. I think this is a big reason why I know the Law of Attraction works, I have always used it although I did not always know it. But to use it actively is of course much more effective! So now when I have my goals for 2021 on paper I visualise them and imagine I have already accomplished them. Just to think about it will put me in a great mood!

6. Have your goals in sight.
I think goal setting is a lot of fun and right now I have my little note with my goals right by my bedside. This way I can read them both when I wake up and when I go to sleep. This means that I everyday will have an extra reminder about what I want to do and what I wish to accomplish in my life.

7. Be mindful about your thoughts.
Most important of all is probably to be mindful about your thoughts because they will often reflect how you feel. If you feel a bit down it might therefore be a great idea to reflect on your thoughts. Is there something you should let go of, but have not been able to yet? If you have a bad day it usually starts off with one thing and then it just continued on to more bad things. The same can happen the other way around and that is something you should encourage!

Images and text: @juliafrostensson

Do you use the Law of Attraction to reach your goals?