Questions & answers on #Nouw30DayChallenge

Questions & answers on #Nouw30DayChallenge

The 22nd of January #Nouw30DayChallenge starts again for the second year in a row. Since we announced the challenge a few days ago you've sent in some questions. Here we'll answer the most frequently asked ones! Other - 5

Can I start blogging for 30 days straight whenever I want after I've signed up for the challenge?
No. The first day of the challenge is on the 22nd of January - which is when you will start blogging for 30 days, not before. You can sign up before, but not start the challenge.

If you're participating in the competition, follow these steps:
- Sign up via the sign up button here
- Write your sign-up post where you acknowledge you're participating. You can post this whenever you want before the challenge starts - read more here
- Publish your first blopost in the challenge on the day the challenge starts, meaning the 22nd of January
- Publish your last post on the last day of the challenge, meaning the 20th of February

Do I need to write the hashtag #nouw30daychallenge in every post?
No, you don’t. Only in the initial post where you sign up to enter the competition and tell us about your goals for the challenge.

Do I need to have the title #nouw30daychallenge for all my posts?
No, you don’t. Just like with the hashtag written in the post, you only need to write the title #nouw30daychallenge in your initial post where you sign up for the competition.

If I am under 18 and win, do I need to go with my mum / dad or can I go with a friend who is 18 or older?
If your guardian approves, you can go with a friend who is 18 or older.

If I win, can I choose what date I want to go to Paris?
If you win, we'll present a few dates for you to choose from. You'll have the possibility to pick the one that suits you best.

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