Preview: Nouw's brand new look!

Preview: Nouw's brand new look!

We've given you little hints on that we have something big coming very soon. We've worked on something exciting this spring and now the big news is just around the corner; Nouw gets a new look! Here you can see sneak peaks of the new design - a new look that will make Nouw better and more good looking than ever before. Blogging tips - 17

The first part of the start page with log in & new articles from Nouw Magazine

New posts from premium bloggers & new posts from our chosen bloggers

The news feed with a new layout & more room for premium bloggers' posts to the right

A brand new look for the New post page

With the new & improved design of the New post page it's easier than ever to create good looking posts, in only a few minutes. Among other things you get a better overview on your uploaded photos, and scrolling through your photo archive is quicker than before. The icons where you choose your post's layout are now situated below the post, instead of being on the left side.

A part of the new statistics page

Here you can see how the new statistic curves look like. But wait, there is more! In the new version you'll also be able to get an overview on your blog's demographics, most read posts and different traffic sources - meaning how your readers have found your blog.

Who's just as excited for the new design as we are?