Part 4: Malin Gabrielsson about anxiety and mental illness

Part 4: Malin Gabrielsson about anxiety and mental illness

The last part of our series about anxiety is here and in this part we meet one of our profiles Malin Gabrielsson. In this interview, you can read about Malins relation with anxiety, her best tips for dealing with anxiety and her view on the importance of opening up and normalizing mental illness. Fitness & health - 6

What do you think when you hear the word anxiety and how do you feel when you get it?
I get anxious and sad just to think of it since my picture of how it feels is so clear to me. For me, it always starts with this uncomfortable feeling in my whole body. I feel sick, my stomach hurts and I feel super restless. My anxiety usually turns into panic attacks, crying, screaming and it gets hard to breathe. I can’t control my body when I have anxiety, my anxiety takes control over me.

What are your best tips for dealing with your anxiety?
The most important thing for me is to accept that I feel anxious. It is also important to understand why I get these feelings and to tell myself that it will get better another day. Those are my most valuable tips.

Is there anything you can do to prevent your anxious feelings?
Yes, I know that I can not say yes to everything, and also to get rid of negativity in my life, for example negative people.

How do you think social media affects people's physical health?
I think that social media affects us way too much since it shows your life through a small filter. This is something that I always try to do better in my social media. I want to show a real and genuine picture of my life, good and bad.

Does it happen that your follower turns to you with questions about anxiety, how does it feel to get those types of questions?
Yes, I get those questions daily, I would say at least five each day. I think that it is warming to see that they are turning to me in confidence but it is also heartbreaking to see that a lot of people are suffering today and that they do not know where to turn. It is also sad to see that these people might not have family and friends around them noticing how they feel.

Do you think that it is important to spread awareness and normalize anxiety and mental illness?
It is super important, that should be the most important thing right now since a lot of people are suffering and they might feel alone with these feelings.

Is there anything you want your followers and the people reading this to bring with them?

I really want you to know that it is okay to have anxiety and to feel bad, do not say yes to more than you can handle and do not be scared to ask for help.

Read Malin's blog here @malingabrielssons