Part 3: Educate yourself

Part 3: Educate yourself

In the two precious articles we have published about anxiety you could read about what anxiety is, how it appears and tips for dealing with anxiety. We wrote about the importance of understanding why it kicks in and how your body reacts. In this article we will give some tips for self education material. Fitness & health - 11


"The real happy pill" by Anders Hansen
This book is focusing on how our brain works and how physical activity affects our well being. You can also read about concrete tips of how to reach all these positive effects that science shows. You can find the book here.

"Change your brain change your life" by Daniel G. Amen
This self educating book is giving you concrete tips on how to deal with several mental health issues. The book includes tips on how to reduce everyday worries, deal with anxiety and how to fight depressions. You can find the book here.


"Conversations from the heart" with Yoga Girl
Rachel Brathen, also known as Yoga girl, is guiding you through different meditations and giving general advice about life. She is talking about anxiety, stress related problems and inner peace. You can find the podcast here.

"Cleaning up the mental mess" with Dr. Caroline Leaf
Caroline Leaf is a cognitive neuroscientist, bestselling author and a mental health and mind expert. In this podcast she is talking about everything about mental health and anxiety, inviting experts and teaching different strategies for dealing with mental health. You can find the podcast here.


"Simply Complicated" by Demi Lovato
A documentary about Demi Lovato and how becoming world wide famous in an early age gave her several mental health issues. You can find the documentary here.

"Seasons" by Justin Bieber
A documentary about Justin Bieber and his health issues, which includes battling with a lyme disease, mental stress and a drug addiction. This is a very genuine and honest story about early fame and lack of privacy. You can find the
documentary here.

Do you have any books, documentaries or podcasts you could recommend for a self educating purpose?