Part 2: Tips for dealing with anxiety

Part 2: Tips for dealing with anxiety

The previous week we published the first article out of four about anxiety. In that article we wrote about symptoms and how your body reacts to it. In this article we will give you our best tips for dealing with anxiety when it kicks in. Fitness & health - 5

Educate yourself
Step one in the process of handling anxiety is to allow it to appear. If you always try to push your feelings away your brain will start to think that these types of feelings are dangerous, which will only make it worse. Try to face these feelings with acceptance and remember that all the feelings are temporary and it will get better eventually.

Yoga or mindfulness
These types of exercises might not fit for you, but it can be worth a try. It might be hard to stay focused and you might feel frustrated while trying it, but there are a lot of benefits with using your breath to get your body to relax. You do not have to schedule half an hour for this every day, for many people it is enough to find a quiet spot and take a few deep breaths all the way down to your stomach. When you are starting to feel anxiety you might feel that your breath gets shallow which makes your muscles tense and you might feel dizzy. Do not forget that practice makes perfect!

Physical activity
When you are feeling stressed your body has an overload of energy which is good to get rid of. While working out a lot of endorphins are released in your body which makes you happier and more relaxed. Are you not a fan of going to the gym? Go for a walk with a friend, play tennis, sign up for a dance class or go for a ride on your bike. Find something that makes YOU feel good.

Heat has a relaxing effect on your body and it is good to stay warm during anxiety. Put a heating pad on your chest, take a warm shower, go out in the sun for a while or make yourself something warm to drink.

Spend time with people you love
Relationships with friends and family are shown to reduce stress and promote a happier life. You are giving your body and brain a chance to relax and think about something else for a while, and you also get the chance to ventilate thoughts with someone you trust. Do not forget that it is important to share experiences with each other.

What are your best tips for dealing with anxiety?