Our new instruction videos are here!

Our new instruction videos are here!

Our new & improved instruction videos for Nouw are now live! Our top profile Alice Stenlöf will guide you around the site, through the different pages, fuctions and tools. Other - 7

A few weeks ago we spent a day in a studio in Stockholm, where we shot something very exctiting. If you follow us on Instagram you might have seen a sneak-peak on Insta stories? If you don't already follow us on Instagram you can make sure to follow us here: @nouw_com.

What we shot in the studio? New instruction videos for the site! Today we're excited to present our new, improved and updated videos together with our amazing Nouw profile @alicestenlof! In three different videos Alice will give you a short introduction to how Nouw works, guide you through writing a new blogpost and how to work with our user friendly design tool when designing your blog.

Wheather you've been a Nouw blogger for years, or you've recenlty joined - we hope you'll find these videos helpful. Maybe you will learn something new, even as a long time blogger on the platform?

An introduction to Nouw
Here Alice will take you through the different parts and pages on the site, to give you an overview. Among other things she will show you how to get started with your Nouw account, how to follow blogs in your news feed and an introduction to the statistics page.

Read more: A compleate guide to the statistics page can be found here.

How to design your blog
It's easy to design a professional looking blog on Nouw. Without the need to code you can give your blog a unique look that will fit perfeclty with both your blog & your personality. Here Alice will tell you all about how the design tool works, how you can change the look of different parts of the blog and how to easily add new features by dragging and dropping modules to your design.

Psst! Did you like the template shown in the video? We're glad you did - it will launch in a few weeks time.

How to write a new blogpost on Nouw
When you've managed to create a design you're happy with, it's time to move on to writing your first blogpost! In this video Alice will show the process of writing a new post and to walk you thorugh the different tools & possibilities you have at your disposal. We've made sure to make it as easy & fuss free as possible for you to create good looking posts for your blog.

Any further questions?
Our instruction videos will give you an overview and an introduction to Nouw. If you have more specific questions that aren't covered in the videos above, please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or write a DM to us via our profile: @Nouw and we'll help you as quickly as we can.