Now we are releasing "Puffs" - New Design Modules

Now we are releasing "Puffs" - New Design Modules

Give your posts an extra push with Nouw's clever "puff"-modules - now in two variations; Other -

The new modules that you find on Your Blog /Design at Nouw.

Image puffs

An image puff is a picture with text inside. You can place the text at the upper or lower edge or centered. Photos and texts are updated automatically when you blog!

Post puffs

Post Puffs can be with or without a photo and here the text is placed outside of the picture. You can choose to have the text below the picture or on either side of it.

Edit your puff

As most modules on Nouw also this one has settings - push the settings wheel on the module when you have added it to your design to show them and simply start editing.

?You can then edit how you want your image puffs or post puffs to look. Choose between 1, 2 or 3 columns, several rows and pages. You can simply show or hide the parts you want and don't want to show. It is possible to connect them to your latest posts, the most read ones or posts from a certain category.