#Nouw30DayChallenge is back

#Nouw30DayChallenge is back

The #Nouw30DayChallenge became a success, and now it’s back! We challenge you to blog for 30 days straight - with the chance to win a weekend getaway to wounderful Paris. The best thing? You can already sign up - today! Other - 6

Since our blogging challenge #Nouw30DayChallenge back in 2017 became a success, we couldn't resist - we're doing it again. In January 2018 we're kicking off a brand new year of blogging with doing the challenge once again.

In February last year we challenged you to blog everyday for 30 days straight, to find your own blogging niche and to boost the chance of your blog growing. We named the challenge #Nouw30DayChallenge. The lucky winner was the person who, according to Nouw, had evolved the most as a blogger during the competition won a trip to London. During her weekend in London the winner @neda wrote a travel article about her adventures for Nouw Magazine. You can read her article here.

The challenge was so well recieved from your end and we were of course thrilled that so many of you joined in! Together you helped us spread the blogging spirit and light up the dark during those dark February days & nights.

Since last time was such a success - we're doing the challenge once again! Together with all of you we're starting off a great year of blogging, starting on January 22th 2018. You're in, right?

All info on the challenge and how to sign up can be found here!