News: Now you can see extended statistics for your blogposts

News: Now you can see extended statistics for your blogposts

Now you, as a Nouw blogger, have the possibilty to see statistics for a specific post. Are you curious on what the engagement is, how many unique visitors you have and how long your readers spent reading your post? That, and more, can now be seen on your account! Blogging tips - 16

Isn't blog statistics fun? That's what we think, too! That's why we've created a comprehensive statitics page for you on your Nouw account, so it's easy for you to get a great overview. Here you can find a complete guide to the statistics page.

Some fun news? Now you can see extended statistics for a single post! The number of Readers that you used to see under All Posts has now been moved to this page. That way you have all of your post's statistics together in one place. Good, huh?

How to see statistics for a single post:
1. Go to Your Blog / All Posts

2. Find the post that you want to see statistics for an click on it

3. Choose the alternative Statistics in the menu that pops up

This is how it looks when you click on a post under All Posts and choose the option Statistics

This is what you can see under the statistics page for a single post:
- Engagement (measures how much your readers have interacted with your post, meaning how much they've liked and commented).

- Sessions (amount of visits)

- Unique visitors

- Average time spent

- Number of comments

- Number of likes

- Amount of readers *

Please note!
The new statistics for a single post is only visible on posts posted today (May 31) and forward. No old posts will have this information. This tab will soon be avaliable on the app as well.

* Our old way to measure amount of readers - when you visit a blog the first 10 posts are seen as read (regardless if you scrolled down all 10 posts or not). Now we have a more advanced way to measure this and we will only count when the post is actually in-screen - se "sessions" and "unique visitors". This advanced way of measuring is something a lot of brands who work with bloggers will demand.

UPDATE: The new statistics for a single post will also work in the app, and will be launched shortly. We don't have an exact date for this, sorry!

Featured image: @AnetteMarie