News: Easier to edit posts

News: Easier to edit posts

Finally it's time for an update! Are you often on the go and want to easily edit posts through your phone? Thanks to the new post editor, it becomes easier to blog here at Nouw. Blogging tips - 38

Today it’s time to launch the new Post Editor! The same features that existed before will remain, but in an improved version. The changes apply to both the computer and the mobile (browser), when you create and edit a post.

This also applies when editing posts in the app (for both Android and iPhone). However, the update does not apply to when you’re creating a new posts in the app. Many of you choose to blog right through your mobile phone and therefore we are launching updates that will make it easier for you to blog through your phone.


Change layout:

If you want to change the layout of your post, you can find the layout panel by clicking on the three dots to the right of the post panel.

Save Draft:

Now you can easily see if your draft has been saved, and not have to worry about losing the content if your network suddenly disappear. In the bottom left corner there is a box with a time when the post was last saved. Another change is that you can see how far in the saving process you have come. When the box to the left of "PREVIEW" has been uploaded, it changes to "SAVED", and then you know that the post has been saved among your drafts.

"Is the computer uploading my post?"

Can you sometimes, just like us, wonder if the post is being uploaded? When you click "PUBLISH", a bar will appear showing the upload process. When the bar is full the post is up!

Psst. Do you want to schedule your post? You will now find "PUBLISH LATER" under the three dots to the right of the "PUBLISH" button!


Change layout:

Just like through the computer you can find all the different layouts by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the actual post module.

Save Draft:

Even on the mobile it becomes easier to see when the draft has been saved. The box to the left of "PREVIEW" also changes to "SAVED" as soon as the entire bar has been fulfilled. Then you can find it as a draft among your posts. A good tip is to double check the time in the bottom left corner so that it matches the time that the post was saved. If the bar does not become fulfilled, it may be because you lost the network connection and then it may be a good idea to copy all the text so that you won’t loose it...

"Is the phone uploading my post?"

Just like on the computer, a bar pops up when you press "PUBLISH". When the bar is full the post is up!