New in: Now you can follow blogs in the Nouw app - without having a blog

New in: Now you can follow blogs in the Nouw app - without having a blog

Do you have many followers who don't blog on Nouw themselves? No worries - now we have extended the Nouw app with a follow mode option. Meaning, you can follow blogs, without having a blog yourself. It's easy to stay updated with your favourite blogs - all in one app! Blogging tips - 19

Maybe you saw that we celebrated something exciting yesterday? The hastag #FollowMeNouw was busy as we celebrated simultaneously in Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Stockholm. What we celebrated? The launch of a new addition to our popular Nouw app!

From now on, we have two different versions of the Nouw app; one for those of you who have a blog and one for those of you who only want to follow blogs, without having your own blog.

How to get started with the new follow mode in the Nouw app 

1. Download the Nou app from App store or Google Play.

2. Click on the option "... just follow blogs" when creating an account, and you will be taken to the new follow mode of the app.

3. When you log in you'll come straight to the news feed. There you'll see some suggestions of bloggers to follow, but you can also search for your favourite Nouw bloggers in the search bar above as well as search for bloggers outside of Nouw.

4. The menu on the follow mode holds the functions you need to be able to follow & interact with your Nouw-favourites - with great ease. Here you can see your notifications for when one of your favourites has published a post or when someone has answered one of your comments, for example. You can also send DMs to other users or bloggers. If you want to activate the other version of the app, and create a blog - the only thing you have to do is click on "Start a blog" and one will be created for you. The blogging mode of the app will activate for you at the same time. Yes, it really is that easy!

7 perks when following Nouw blogs with the new follow mode

1. You will be taken straight from the news feed into the blogpost, without having to see a RSS version of the post first. Your visit is also counted as a visitor in the blogger's statistics - something that helps the blogger!

2. You can follow both blogs on and outside of Nouw.

3. You can choose to activate push notifications for when your favourite bloggers publish a post. That way you make sure to never miss a new post!

4. You can comment & interact with others direclty in the app, without having to fill in your info every time.

5. Get notifications in the app for when someone answers your comment - no need to sign up for e-mail notifications anymore!

6. With a few clicks you can choose to start a blog and thereby activate the blogging mode in the app.

7. Of course, the app is free to download and use!

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This is an example of how it looks when you get notified when someone you follow has published a new post. Nice, huh?

Featured image: @eddam