Networking breakfast at the Nouw office in Helsinki

Networking breakfast at the Nouw office in Helsinki

Last Wednesday it was time for a Nouw breakfast event at our new office in Helsinki. We invited some of our biggest profiles for coffee, goodiebags and of course some great chats about influencer marketing and how the Finnish market is constantly developing. Other - 39

Last Wednesday we invited some of our biggest bloggers in Finland for a get-together and networking at our new office in Helsinki. We have our office at Spaces, a co-working chain around the Nordics - our Nouw office in Oslo is also at Spaces.

Around 9AM breakfast was served and the balloons were inflated and ready! Together we spent a couple of hours together. The morning was filled with inspiring conversations, big smiles, laughter and even more positive energy.

We got treated to fresh fruit, croissants, juices, vegan chocoalte chia pudding with coconut milk from PureHero

Lovely @ellenwesterlund is scouting the juice selection from HeyDay

Some of our amazing profiles @jennyjungell @ellenwesterlund @FashionStatement @ESSIESOPHIE and to the right we see @whiteparadises & @theshe

During the breakfast we introduced our Finnish sales manager @ViolaPesonen - how she's working on future campaigns, strategies and what the clients are asking for right now

@AndStyleIs & @JennaClaudia who work with Finnish Nouw Magazine

@tessb who works with the international markets were there to meet all the profiles (and she also maganed to match her top with the spring flowers placed on each table perfeclty)

Amazing @Jasminaleksandra who is one of our top profiles together with @BYSLUMMI

A sneak peak of the contents of the goodie bags, with a big focus on beauty & wellness from Marsaana PR and Sugar PR

A few of the girls who attended the event

All photography by the oh-so-amazing: Joanna