Neda won #Nouw30DayChallenge

Neda won #Nouw30DayChallenge

Neda Sadejou won first price in our 30 day blog challenge. We exchanged a few words with our happy winner! Profile - 2

Hi @neda, congratulations on you win! How do you feel right now?
Thank you so much! I feel so buzzed with happiness right now. I am so thrilled that I’ve gotten this opportunity to grow as a blogger.

You have just blogged 30 days in a row, that’s an achievement in itself, but it’s also a challenge to post inspiring blogposts during the many days in a row. How did you find inspiration during the challenge and did you have a set strategy?
I find inspiration from everywhere! I get inspired by so many things; people out on the street, travels, when out running, music, pretty images on Instagram, memories, fashion magazines of course… well, by everything really. My biggest challenge was to keep the blog updated with great blogposts. Before I didn’t post frequently at all because of having a full time job, had distant studies full time, they demanded a lot of self discipline. Sadly, this resulted in me not being able to focus fully on my blog, which led to me losing myself and my creative side. I needed a strategy that would work with my everyday life, because it’s all about balance.

My strategy during this competition was to keep everything as structured as possible, mostly for my own sake but also for the readers’ sake. It’s just as important to post great quality images as it is to have structure on the blog. To keep it simple and clean but to add my own niche at the same time.

Was it easier or harder than you had imagined to blog once a day?
In the beginning is was truly a challenge to me, I had no motivation, was unsure of myself and had also lost my creativity. My strategy was to keep it as structured as possible and that made it easier to blog at least once a day. To plan and to make lists is something I do daily and is something I’ve implemented also when it comes to blogging. It keeps me focused and structured.

Also, there is also the matter of wanting to blog and to grow. Since I aim towards having my blog as a full time job I also need time and willpower, like in any other project or job. The challenge proved that willpower, setting goals and hard work give good results.

Now let’s talk about the trip! Yo have not only won the #Nouw30DayChallenge, but also an inspirational weekend trip to London with someone you care about. What are you most looking forward to doing in the city?
It will be a lot of fun to go away on an inspirational trip to London. What I’m looking forward to the most is to continue to grow, considering the editorial piece I’m going to write, but of course also to celebrate me winning with two cocktails.

Last but not least; have you gotten back into the blogging spirit and will you continue to blog every day also in the future?
I will definitely update more often than I’ve done before. The challenge has made me find my way back to my creative side, which was my goal. It was, as said before, a challenge to create high quality blogposts, everyday. Despite that, it’s something I really enjoy. I love that I can inspire my readers with good content on a daily basis. Their sweet comments motivate me to better my work and it encourages me to try new things.

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