NA-KD launches beauty brand, NKD/BTY

NA-KD launches beauty brand, NKD/BTY

The apricot posts which colored Instagrams feed with the hashtag #beautyis_ has not got unnoticed and we have all been waiting with excitement. Today it is official, NA-KD is launching their own beauty brand NKD/BTY. Read more and learn how to be one of the first to get the products! Beauty - 2

On November 20th Instagrams feed were colored with apricot pictures under the hashtag #beautyis_ which marked the launch of NA-KDs beauty brand NKD/BTY.

For the first time since the launch of NA-KD in 2016 they now reach another milestone venturing into an entirely new market with their own line of beauty products. Beauty has been one of the most requested products amongst NA-KD's customers and on December 10th their new brand NKD/BTY is launched on

The launch contains products that focus on expressing natural beauty, instead of hiding behind makeup. In the launch campaign for NKD/BTY, which is live in the whole of Europe, multiple ambassadors get to try out the products before the public release. The ambassadors have published a "beauty is..." post on Instagram encouraging a deeper meaning of beauty which appreciates natural expressions instead of perfectionism.

NA-KD's Brand Director Natasha Billing:

"..NKD/BTY stands for the idea that there is no flaws, but only possibilites to encourage what is unique with ourselfs. Makeup shall make it possible to express yourself without hiding your natural beauty and create a look as unique as you."

In the collection you can among other products find eyebrowgel, eyeliner, neutral eyeshadowpalette, glow kits ans liquid lipstick. Products you would want in your makeup-bag! Or maybe to spoil your friends or family with this perfect gift for christmas from NKD/BTY.

Since both NA-KD and the customers of the brand focuses on sustanibility, the products has been created completely without animaltesting and with vegan ingredients in mind.

The launch of NKD/BTY goes live the 10th of December. If you want to be one of the first to lay your hands on your favourite products you can sign up here!

Welcome NKD/BTY, we love you!

My Janzén