Move your blog to Nouw

Move your blog to Nouw

You can easily move your old blog to Nouw as it works with popular portals Blogging tips - 83

Do you already have a blog on another platform than Nouw but are tempted by our popular blog tool?

Don't worry, we'll help you with the move.

This is how you do it

Start a blog here on Nouw – then go to the menu “Your blog/import your old blog"; it only takes a few minutes.

Go to “Your blog/Design" to easily create your own beautiful blog design using our super easy design tool.

You can also choose one of our ready-made templates.

Nouw can import blogs from the following portals:,,, blogspot/blogger,,,,,,,,,, and

Please note that your old blog is not deleted.

If you are currently using wordpress, you can also import an “export file" (if you do this, your blog comments will also be imported).