Guide: How to use Metapic

Guide: How to use Metapic

Here is a step-by-step guide to how to get started with Metapic, and the different ways you can use it. Blogging tips - 17

In this post you'll learn how to create amazing collages like this!

Make money by tagging products in your content:

Metapic allows you to easily tag clothes, shoes or other products form online retailers - helping your readers to more easily find the products you recommend. By using Metapic's tool you can create inspiring collages for your blog using adlinks; meaning you get payed when one of your readers click on a link to a item you've recommended.

You can use Metapic in several ways;
- by creating collages direclty in the Metapic tool

- uploading your own collage

- or simply by adding adlinks to links under an outfit photo

Here we will give you an introduction to Metapic and how to get started!

How to create a collage with Metapic:

1. Open up a new blogpost under Your blog / New post.

2. Click on the icon with the Metapic logo at your bottom right.

3. Here you'll see your work space. To add items to your collage, click Search.

4. Here you can search for items in different online stores.

5. Add the items you want to create your own inspiring collage, click Use this product on your chosen item.

6. When you're happy with how your collage looks, click on I am done.

7. When you're done with your collage, it's time to add your links. The system will remember the products you've added and they will aready be linked for you. You can move the links around if you like. When you're ready, click I am done.

8. Here is the finished collage! The links will be added in the collage, but also down below as regular text links. The collage is made by @lamans.

How to add links to an already made collage:
Do you prefer to make your clothing collages in a different program? No problem! You can upload your collage or photo and tag it with links.

1. Instead of searching for products you can upload an already made collage from your computer. Click on the upload button cirkled in the image above.

2. When you've uploaded your collage, click on I am done.

3. Since you made this collage yourself the links are not prepared for you. Search for your items by pressing Add a tag and find the items that you have used.

How to only add regular text links:

You can also use Metapic when you create regular text links in a post. Upload the photo or collage that you want to use and click on Link in the menu and choose Tag product. Then you will be able to add a Metapic link to the text you have written.

Please note!
Metapic is not available for all markets. Markets available today are: Sweden, Norway, Denmark.