Matilda Berlin about health and wellbeing

Matilda Berlin about health and wellbeing

This year is coming to an end and 2020 has been a hard year for most of us due to the situation in the world. Because of this, it is more important than ever to prioritize your health and wellbeing and in this article Matilda Berlin is sharing her thoughts and best advice about this. Fitness & health - 3

For those who do not know you, tell me more about you.
I am a positive and energetic person, 25 years old, born and raised on Gotland. After a few years working at a gym, I felt like it was time for me to try something new so I moved to Stockholm to study. Today I am a real estate agent at Fastighetsbyrån but I still spend a lot of time at the gym working as an instructor. I am single for the first time in my grown up life and very happy in my city.

What does health and wellbeing mean to you?
It is everything! But It is hard to define exactly what it is since it is so individual. But it means a lot to me and I work on it every day to be the best version of myself.

Do you have any important routines to feel as good as possible?
Of course you can be strict with your routines but I think that it is all about the basics. I have always prioritized a good night sleep, exercising and good nutritious food.

2020 has been a special year, how has this year affected you and your wellbeing?
It has affected me a lot! This was supposed to be the year where I would live my life, be single, go on dates and travel the world before settling down and going to school. Something I have learned this year is to be more flexible. Since no one has known how this year would turn out I have tried to be more present.

How important is working out to you?
It is super important to me! When I was younger I tried all types of sports and activities (all activities there are on Gotland) and when I was 15 I really started to enjoy the gym. I can not even count the hours I have spent there. I feel so much better with an active lifestyle and I get closer to all my emotions. Happiness, grief, anger and nervousness. Right now I do not have as much time but it is definitely a must for me to be myself.

What other routines than working out do you do to feel as good as possible?
It has been a very special year but I have learned so much. One thing is how much my friends mean to me. I feel embarrassed to say it, but I have been prioritizing them way too low before. Same with my family. Everything that has been happening this year has given me a wake up call when it comes to how much they mean to me and how good they make me feel. I have finally started to give them the time they deserve.

What is your best advice to keep your motivation up, especially now when everyone is being told to stay home?
This has been very hard for me, not going to the gym. It was a lot easier in the spring when I could wake up early and run in the morning light, but I would never go out for a run at 05:45 in the dark. Here is my best advices:

1. Everyday exercise!
This is so important and good! Choose the stairs, take your bike, go for a walk instead of the bus (especially during this time). The small things make a difference!

2. Think outside the box.
I need to work out early in the morning to make it work with my job. At the same time I do not want to wake my neighbors up because of me doing high knees running, so I do all my morning exercises up to the attic.

3. YouTube.
There are so many good workouts on YouTube. Just give it a few tries! Who knows, you might find your new favourite way of exercising!

We are getting close to a new year and a lot of people choose to see that as a new fresh start. Do you have any advice for a more durable motivation when it comes to health, not only because of the new year?
I do! I have been working at a gym for a long time and I have seen so many people starting their “new life” in January and then they are gone as fast as they came. I want to share five tips for a more durable and healthy motivation.

1. Goals
This is a good start. Think of why you want to work out, what is your goal with it?

2. Do not start too intense!
This is with no doubt the most common thing people do. They get super inspired and motivated, new year new me, and they go to the gym every day. It will work for a while but most of us can not keep that up for a long time.

3. Find something you like and vary!
Going to the gym doing the same things every day would make everyone bored. No, it should be fun, simple as that! Find your way of doing it!

4. Planning!!
Might sound boring but it is true!

5. Do not make it more complicated than it is!
You might have read some tips on the internet of when you should eat to get the best results, and your friend might have shown you the most effective way of working out, but you do not have to do it and it might not work for you. I am a big fan of back to basics and keeping it simple. Do not make it more complicated than it is!

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