It’s official - Nouw just launched in Finland

It’s official - Nouw just launched in Finland

Nouw is constantly growing and today we're launching Nouw in Finland! Other - 8

Earlier this year we launched Nouw Poland and today is the official launch day for Nouw Finland. Our thoughts on this launch? We cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are that Nouw is growing - and that we are doing so internationally. The fact that our community of Nouw bloggers is widely spread across the world is something we feel great about.

The launch in Finland means that we now have start pages and Nouw Magazine in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Poland and Finland. We also have an international start page in English.

In Nouw Magazine our Finnish editorial team have already published articles - on a regular basis new articles will be posted there for you to read. Other news for Finland: there have been requests for a new toplist where you can filter your results by choosing Finnish or Swedish as language - that is now live, too.

We want to say a big thank you to all Nouw bloggers out there, because of you we are constantly growing!