Ida's top 5 tips for an amazing weekend in Paris

Ida's top 5 tips for an amazing weekend in Paris

Ida Angvik won first price in our blogging challenge, #Nouw30DayChallenge 2018, and was treated to an inspirational trip to Paris. She just got back home after a few days in the city of love, and lets us in on her best tips & tricks to having an absolutely wonderful weekend. Lifestyle - 7

You'll have to look hard for a more romantic, buzzing and historical city than Paris, if you ask me. With its beautiful street corners, sweet pastries and well known landmarks - Paris will forever be at the top of my list as my favourite city I've even visited. What makes Paris so special for me are the possibilities you have in the city. Wherever you go you'll find amazing architecture. It makes it possible to get outside of the city centre and still be able to experience that historical architecture that the city is so known for.

Paris is full of seeworthy sights, but noone should aim to see it all on their very first trip - as long as you're not planning on being there for a longer period of time, that is. If you're there for a long weekend I recommend you to choose 3-4 places you want to visit. Take your time to be able to sit down at bistros, visit the city's parks, or to just relax for a while on the balcony of your hotel room, if your room has one, and just enjoy your time there. These are the little moments you will truly remember and cherish. With that in mind, I've gathered my very best Paris tips for you, and I hope you'll enjoy them.

1. Give yourself pleny of time
As I've already mentioned it's important to take it easy and give yourself time, something that applies to all city weekend trips if you ask me. Before our trip we bought a tabe cloth from H&M Home and brought with us. Why a table cloth and not a blanket? Well, a table cloth takes up less room than a proper blanket. With our table cloth in our bag we were ready to take a break in the park, and since the temperatures where around 25 degrees, it felt nice to cool down in the shade. Tip number one is therefore to bring something to sit on and have it with you in your bag at all times. Get something yummy in a supermarket, sit down in the park Champ De Mars and enjoy the view over the Eiffeltower.

2. Vintage shopping
Le Marais is more like Grünerløkka (a cool and laid back area in Oslo) and is my favourite area for shopping in Paris. Here you'll find lots and lots of vintage shops, cafées and unique little French shops. I've found many unique clothing items from the shops around Le Marais before, and this time around was no exception.

Ida of course got to bring a plus one on her trip, and went with her best friend @idacharleen

3. Visiting muséums
At the Louvre it's easy to kill a few hours of your time, weather you like art or not. Here you'll find art from different time periods and the muséum is overwhelming to say the least. It's said that it would take you seven days to be able to see everything in the museum. There is so much history under one roof, so if there is a muséum you need to visit, it's the Louvre. There are also very many great spots to shoot outftit photos in there. And P.S. if you're under 26, it's free to enter.

4. Concert at the Notre-Dame
If you're attending a concert at the Note-Dame, you'll walk away with a menory for life. The acoustics will give goose bumps, and if your trip doesn't coincide with a concert, a service is also something worth experiencing.

@idaangvik, the Eiffeltower and a beautiful sunset

Picknick with a fantastic view & a wounderful lunch at Ladurée

5. East lots of pasteries and good food
Paris is not the place to hold back and try to be healthy, around almost every street corner there is a bakery with sweets, a café or a restaurant. Braun Notes Coffee, 31-33 Rue de Mogador, have amazing coffee and tasty, Instagrammable food. Among other things, they have avocado on toast with poached eggs and fruit served in a coconut. Good food together with nice interiors make the café really worth a visit. For sweets I choose a classic - Ladurée. I like the one on Champs-Élysées the best becuase they have their own area outside where it's very nice to sit. How nice does it sound to have a mini break inbetween shopping to enjoy some sweet things? My favourite macaroon is the salted caramel, the cake Ispahan and French bread with surup. Yum!

@idacharleen and I took the days as they came, something I recommend everyone to do. Follow your mood for the day and decide your agenda the same day. We had no plan whatsoever and decided along the way, something we're very happy about now, looking back. We got up to lots of excitng things during our stay, something that's given us memories for life.

Text & photos: @idaangvik