How to turn a bad day around

How to turn a bad day around

#NouwSeptemberChallenge - How do you actually turn a bad day around and make it into something positive? The task might seem impossible and sometimes it is even hard to know where to begin. That is why today, our profile Anna Wickell gives us her best tips and tricks on how you succeed with the impossible, to turn a bad day around! Lifestyle - 1

1. Take a shower!
Take a shower or have a bath so you at least feel nice and clean, because who can really turn down a fresh blowout? During a day that already feels a bit gray you do not want to walk around with dirty "day three hair".

2. Make a hearty breakfast!
... and take your time eating it. Do not stress. If I eat a hearty breakfast I feel noticeable better during the rest of the day. Sometimes I have a hard time getting some lunch and then it is super important with a breakfast that will keep me full for a while. Although coffee is said to cause anxiety I have not felt it myself, which is why I love sitting down with a cup of coffee, preferably with some music or an audiobook in my headphones.

3. Social media detox!
Try to refrain from social media, at least for a couple of hours. Social media can often trigger my bad mood, especially if I am not feeling great to begin with and especially when I have PMS like right now. You often compare yourself to others and what they do and have accomplished. Try to think of what you usually post on social medias, do you usually just post the best moments of your life? That is exactly what other people do too. A big + on Instagram right now is that a lot of people are starting to get more transparent and more honest with what they post on there.

4. Workout or just move!
Try to get out into the fresh air or get yourself to the gym. If you workout, or just move, your body will start to send out endorphins which will make you feel happier. Just the fresh air alone will feel very nice!

5. Book a date with a friend!
In the moment it might seem easier to just cancel any planned hangouts or just "pull the blankets over your head again", but on bad days it is more important than ever to not do just that. The feeling you get after a date with your friend is indescribable.

6. Talk with friends and family!
This one is a bit similar to the one above, but it is so important to have the courage to talk about what you are feeling and to "catch up" with your loved ones. My mum and I talk every other day, and it is so valuable. Speaking of calling people, I really need to talk to my best friend.

7. A reminder!
It is normal to have bad days and it is important to let yourself feel and not just shut down when that happens. But there is also a difference when it comes to really needing a break and when it is all just in your head. Try some or all of the tips above and see if that will help you to turn the day around. If not, go to your nearest supermarket, buy yourself some ice-cream and pull the blankets right up again. There is always a day tomorrow!

Picture and text: @annawickell

What are some of your best tips to turn a bad day around?