How to take the perfect outfit photos

How to take the perfect outfit photos

What is the secret behind the big fashion bloggers' amazing outfit photos? Nouw's photo expert Emelie Sundvall is giving us the insider tips. Fashion -

Here are the best tips from @emeliesundvall 

Don't shoot in direct sunlight

The people who know me as a photographer knows that I don't usually like taking photos in direct sunlight. The model can usually not keep her eyes open because the light is so strong on the face. It sounds a bit sad but if you ask me there's nothing better than shooting when it's a bit grey outside. But of course, if it is sunny outside I usually try to find a place in the shadow to take the photos or make the model stand with her back towards the light.

Find a good place in the shadow

In most cases I choose to take my photos in the shadow. It can be underneath a tree, behind a house or anywhere else that is covering the sun. It usually gives a good light in the face to stand in the shadow since you have light coming from the front. Also think about not having anything unnecessary in the background since this will make the photo messy.

Shoot against the light

There's something so special with photos that are shot against the light. Maybe that is why it's quite difficult to get them just right.

When shooting against the light the aperture is not only deciding the focal depth and how light/dark the photo will be but also how big the light source in the picture will be. Here you need to decide what you like the most. Personally I like to use a bigger aperture which gives the photo a softer feeling.

@joannafingal shot by @emeliesundvall

Play with angles and get motion in the photo

By playing around with different angles and camera settings you can get photos with more motion in them. Try to have a bit longer shutter speed when the model is walking or flicking her hair. It is when you find the perfect light and angle that you can create that really special outfit photo.