How to keep make-up fresh for longer

How to keep make-up fresh for longer

Wearing clean clothes and keeping our homes nice & tidy are obvious things for most people. But, keeping our make-up bags clean and throwing out old products - that’s another story. When did you last wash your brushes? And, how old is your concealer? Beauty -

Hygiene. Clean hands is a must before you even consider starting to apply your make-up. It will prevent you from transferring bacteria onto your skin and into your eyes. But, it will also make sure that you don’t add unnecessary bacteria to your make-up products. Another key thing for keeping your make-up sanitary is to never, ever, let someone else borrow your make-up! Deal?
Cleaning. If you store your products in a make-up bag, be sure to wipe down the bag with a damp cloth from time to time. Empty the bag and wipe down both inside and outside. To keep the actual products nice and clean, also wipe the outside of each product, to remove old and sticky make-up residue that with otherwise make a mess in your, now clean, make-up bag. Let’s not forget about brushes, they are also one of those things that can hoard bacteria. Especially wash your foundation brushes often. 
Storage. Many people store their make-up in the bathroom, for convenience. If you do, please stop! Bacteria thrive in bathrooms because of the moist air. Your bedroom is a better choice for storing make-up!

Fresh for longer. Is your mascara wand full of dried and clumpy mascara, even though it’s only a few weeks old? Try washing the wand with soap and water to get off all the dried product that makes the mascara look and feel old. Don’t forget to put some cling film over the mascara tube when cleaning the wand, to keep air from getting in.

There is also a way to pro-long the life of your face powders. Do you have a powder that has a bumpy surface? That’s probably because oil has transfered from your face into the product, when you’ve put your brush in the powder and then onto your face - over and over again. The solution? Take a clean brush and swirl your brush into the pan until there are no pumps and no oil left to be seen!

How do you know when to toss your make-up? Knowing when to toss make-up can be tricky. But, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when making the decision if you should keep, or toss, a product!

Powder products - will last up to three years. Powders, blush and bronzer will last for a long time, due to them being dry products.

Eye products - will last between three and six months. Mascara and liquid eyeliner are both wet products that are close to the eye and therefore don’t last very long. If you’re using an eye pencil, sharpen it often, to keep it fresh!

Liquid foundation & concealer - will last up to two years. Keep the products away from direct sunlight to keep them at their best.

Pictures: @pepas