How to connect your Instagram to your blog

How to connect your Instagram to your blog

Do you want to show off your Instagram photos on your blog? Of course you do. We have now updated the Instagram module to make it work even better. Here we're giving you a guide on how to sync your Instagram photos to your blog automatically. Blogging tips - 1

Connecting your Instagram to your blog is not just practical, it makes your blog look even better too. Your followers can easily find your Instagram, and it also gives a nice and personal touch to your blog's design. There are two different ways to connect your Instagram to your blog, both through the design page and through settings.

How to connect your Instagram to your blog:

1. Start by adding a module for Instagram in your blog. Go to Your blog / Design / Modules

2. Choose if you want your module at the top, bottom or on the side of your blog by dragging it there.

3. After you've done that, you need to connect your Instagram account to the module. Click on the module, then click on "CONNECT TO INSTAGRAM" in the left side menu.

1. You also find the settings for Instagram through Your blog / Settings / Instagram

2. Choose how you want the Instagram module to look like. You can for example choose if you want to have a simple list, slideshow or list, and also how many pictures you want to show.

3. Then you click "CONNECT TO INSTAGRAM". To be able to connect you must have logged in to your Instagram account before on your computer.

Some browsers, for example Safari, will warn you for a pop-up window. Simply click on allow to keep connecting. If you connect through Safari on your phone, you will need to go to the phones settings and allow pop-up windows before.