How to be successful on social media

How to be successful on social media

#Nouw30DayChallenge - You can have a fantastic blog with good quality content and frequent updates. An Instagram with a desirable feed. You can have all that but still not get the exposure you deserve - yet. In this article we will let you know how you can maximize the marketing of your own social media channels. Blogging tips - 2

1. The more interesting headline, the more clicks you get
A headline is something that many tend to neglect and don’t spend that much time on. If you don't set aside time for your headlines, you need to re-think that - since a great headline really can get catch peoples interest. How to get a great headline? By adjusting your texts so that there is always something interesting to read about. Even if you’re only writing a post about your day, make sure to add in something special and eventful that happened that day, too. Maybe that you bumped into a celebrity on the street. That you fell in love with a new clothing line. That you’re happier than ever. Always focus on something special in your post.

2. Make your readers want to follow you on Snapshat
Many think it’s hard, or close to impossible, to get many followers on Snapshat. Think passed that and instead think about why you yourself start following people on Snapshat. Probably because you’ve been drawn in by something special. A tip is to ask your followers to follow you on Snapshat to, for example, see the reveal of what bag you just bought. Your goal should be for all of your followers to follow you on all your social media channels. That’s the key to being successful on social media.

3. Distribute your new blog post everywhere
If you’ve written a new blog post, make sure to share it on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram. It will give you more clicks than usual, guaranteed. Your Instagram followers maybe didn’t even know about your blog before, bingo, new followers will now find you! You need to look at this distributing process as a part of your routine when writing a new blogpost.

4. Find your niche in different channels
If you look at the bigger influencers you will see that they have their own niche on their social media channels. On Twitter, people are generally more personal, on Instagram more superficial and on their blog they are simply themselves. So, decide right now, who are you on your blog? Your Instagram? Your Twitter? Your Snapchat? If someone doesn’t like your Instagram, they might love your blog.

5. The more, the better
Being present in different social media is incredibly important. You need to spread the word on yourself and your name, and by letting your name pop up here and there - that's what you’ll achieve. It takes work and time, but if you want to be successful on social media it’s important.

Featured image: @amandavalfridsson