Guide: How to find the right camera for you

Guide: How to find the right camera for you

#Nouw30DayChallenge - Finding your perfect match when it comes to cameras can be a challenge. Where do you even start? And how do you know what you actually need? Our camera pro Catherine comes to the rescue and helps you find what camera you actually need. Blogging tips - 50

Finding your perfect camera can be one of the biggest challenges in life. The amount of cameras avalible on the market are so many that buying a camera can feel like walking through a maze - blindfolded. There are big cameras, and there are small cameras, there are those with lenses built in and the ones where you can switch up lenses, and so on and so on... There are so many different options to choose from and when you've taken that first step into the maze that is buying a camera, it's easy to step away - feeling overwhelmed. But, today we will walk into that maze together and find just the right camera - for you.

What camera you need to buy is totally dependent on how you are as a person and what you like to photograph. It's like buying a foundation; not all shades will match everyone. Neither will all of us like the same candy. It's all about finding the perfect camera for you an no-one else. Today I will let you know about some criteria you should look for in your next camera, depending on what you usually photopgraph/film.

The in-the-moment-photograpger
If you are an allround photographer that are on-the-go between meetings, events and restaurant visits you need something that will capture amazing photos on-the-go. You need to look for something small, light weight and easy to use and that will give you high quality photos. Is this you? If so, when you look for a new camera you need to look for a compact camera or a compact DRSL with built in WiFi so you can transfer your photos direclty to your phone and then onto your social medias.

*Compact camera = A small camera with the lens built into the camera. Meaning, you cannot change lenses.
*Compact DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) = A smaller DSLR where you can chage lenses.

The vlogger
Are you a vlogger? Then I think you should inverst in a compact camera. It's both convenient for you as a vlogger and will make you vlog more, and won't think "no, I can't be bothered to carry around that big ol' camera I have in the back of my closet at home". A compact camera with good image stabilization and a flip-screen should be your priorities in this case. Will good image stabilazation you will be able to walk around with your camera, without having to worry about having shaky footage, at the same time as you will be able to see yourself with the help of the flip-screen.

A bigger DSLR will work really well if you only record video at home, like sit down videos - makeup tutorials or "hauls". But if you're a vlogger who wants to document your everyday life - a compact camera is your best option!

The fashion, food or interor photographer
The type of camera that I will focus on now is one I recommend for a wide group of photographers. If your main focus is outfits, food or interior for your blog, I think your money is best spent on a classic DSLR (like on the photos above). These cameras are reliable, have a long battery life and relativley cheap lenses on the market, if you compare them with the comapct DSLRs. A comapct DSLR would also work great if you fancy something more light weight and sleek. But, as mentioned - the lenses for comapct DSLRs are often more expensive and the battery life is shorter.

Despite the body of your camera (compact or not), you will firsly need a *wide angle lens. If will give you the oportunity to capture nice full-frame shots of outfits, or if you're into food photography it will make it possible to photograph a set table. Also, as an interior photographer you can manage to capture a big room in one shot. When you feel like focusing on details, such as jewlery, ingredients or decor I think you should get a *normal lens or a *macro lens.

*Wide angle lens = A lens that you use when you want to capture "as much as possible" in your photo. Most comonly used for city or landscape photography.
*Normal lens = This one is usually refered to as a "standard lens" or "portrait lens". These lenses are best used for portaits or products.
*Marcro lens = The lens to use if you want to come really, really close. Perfect choise for detail photos.

The travelling blogger
If you're a travelling blogger you will need a compact camera or a compact DSLR with the possibilty to charge via USB cable. So you can change your camera via a power bank instead of having to rely on a regular wall plug. For a compact DSLR you will need an *all-round lens as you will want to be able to capture a city but also be able to zoom in on e.g. the dolphin from the boat you're on.

*An all-round lens = Is a one-in-all lens that covers all different kinds of set lenses. Meaning, you can use it for landscapes, portraits and zoom in on objects very far away.

The bottom line: How does it feel?
At the end of the day the most important thing of all is how it all feels. Pop into your closest elecrtonic store and try out different cameras. Try out the menu systems, feel which one feels the most easy to use and carry and compare different sizes. What do you think would work best for you? A big camera? A small one? One with a built in lens or one where you can switch things up? It's all down to whatever feels right - trust your gut instinct. Beause when it comes to buyng cameras, the gut is always right.

Text & photography: @quassdorf