Guide: How to earn money on your blog by using Metapic on Nouw

Guide: How to earn money on your blog by using Metapic on Nouw

There are different ways to make money on your blog, one of the major sources of income for many influencers is by using clicks with Metapic. Sigrid from Metapic reveals her expert tips on how you earn as much as possible with Metapic tools and links. Blogging tips - 29

There are many different ways to earn money on your blog and your social medias. One way that constitutes the biggest source of income for many influencers is through affiliate links through Metapic. Working with clicks (also known as ad-links or affiliate-links) is a very flexible way for you to earn money on your blog or social medias. You choose which products you want to recommend or show your readers. You are also the one who choose which stores and brands you want to work with, so unlike collaboration with a fixed payment, can you link and recommend the products that fits your style and everyday life.

This is how Metapic works

A store pays a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on a link that leads to their store. The click hopefully leads to a purchase and thus, the store earns money. The store also get marketing by appearing in your channels. there are rules that are important to follow when working with affiliate/ad-links, you can read about them here.

Metapic is a tool that you use to easily create product-links and inspiring collages. It is available at Nouw under where you are creating your blog posts. To open the tool, click on the item - the small t-shirt you see at the bottom right of the box where you write a new post.

Read more: How to use Metapic at Nouw.

At the bottom right where you create a new post at Nouw, Your blog / New post, is where you find Metapic.

Sigrid's best tips on how to get the most out of Metapic

1. Take advantage of the flexibility
If you have clothes or products you have received through paid collaborations, can you continue to earn money by showing these products even after the collaborations is over. You choose what you want to show/link and when you want to do it. This allows you to customize the products you links to, which gives you huge flexibility in what you recommend to the readers. It also allows you to earn money without appearing as advertisement in the eyes of the readers.

2. Show things you already have at home
You do not have to invent the wheel every time you post an ad-link post. You can show/tell the readers about the same products over and over again, at different time intervalls. Products that received many clicks earlier, will most likely get it when you showing them again! Things in your home - maybe a candleholder you love, a nice plate you often serve your food on, your makeup or hair products, and of course, your favorite clothes!

3. Use your own images
If you want to show a product or clothes you already own, use personal photos instead of using the once from the stores. Your readers will then understand that you actually use the products, and that gives credibility. If it is clothes, you can also perceive a more honest picture of how the clothes fits the body. In the pictures below, Elin Skoglund shows her amazing dress from By Malina (and yes, it got a lot of clicks!).

@elinskoglund tagged her pink dream dress with a Metapic-link, and received a lot of clicks!

4. Clearer labels will give more clicks.
Make it clear to your readers that you have created a clickable product-link. It should always be underlined, bold, or in a different color. You can make it even more clearer by using "click here" or "click" on the linked text. Then, as your reader, you perceive directly that it is a clickable link, and this we see leads to more clicks.

Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions or just want's to know more about Metapic? You are more than welcome to email Sigrid.
You will reach her at: [email protected]

Coverphoto: @anettemarie