Friday interview: Natasha & Devin

Friday interview: Natasha & Devin

If any two people were to start their own bikini line it would be the best friend duo Natasha and Devin. They travel around the world, run their Instagram accounts with millions of followers and are two very well known influencers. They are now launching their own collection with Bik Bok and Nouw had the chance to meet them. Read the interview down below! Profile - 3

Hi Natasha & Devin, welcome to Stockholm! How does it feel to be here?
Thank you so much! It truly feels amazing and the sun is shining. Sadly, we’re only here for 24 hours but we will enjoy the day that we have. It’s a dream come true to be able to do this Bik Bok Tour here in Scandinavia, you are the world’s nicest and happiest people.

I think you brought the sun to us, haha. What can we expect to see in your collection with Bik Bok?
It’s been fantastic working with Bik Bok, which we have done during the passed year. We did a summer collection with them last summer but now we’ve done our very own collection. Bik Bok gave us free hands to create whatever we wanted. Our collection is filled with fun prints, off the shoulder tops and cover ups.

What are your favorite pieces from the collection?
Devin’s favorite: The red bikini with matching bottoms.
Natasha’s favorite: The off the shoulder bikinis

Are there any bikini trends that you see coming?
Metallics, prints and off the shoulder, for sure.

What has been the most fun thing about creating a collection with Bik Bok?
Seeing the bikinis in store. Our own bikini line, Monday Swimwear, is only available online, so this is a little bit different. Now we’re touring around Scandinavia and visiting different Bik Bok stores. It’s very fun to meet all the nice girls!

You have your own brand ”Monday Swimwear”, where did that idea come from?
If anyone were to start their own bikini line, it would be us. We have travelled a lot in the last five years and we found something we liked in all bikinis, but there weren’t many who had it all. We have created bikini collections that fit everyone, sizes come from XS to XL and we have bikinis in classic styles.

How did you two find each other?
We met in Hawaii through mutual friends and decided to go to California and move in together. Now we’re best friends, roommates and do everything together!

What is the key to being successful on social media?
The key is to be very passionate about what you do. As you may already know we don’t have a manager, we have done everything by ourselves from day one. So, be true to yourself and work hard.

How does a regular work day look for you?
All of our days look different. The last few days we’ve been traveling a lot between London, Oslo, Norway, Finland and Stockholm. We travel a lot, answer a lot of e-mails and work with content for our different channels. We also have a really nice home in LA together, that we stay in when we’re home.

How is it like to run a business with your best friend?
It’s very positive for us since we almost see ourselves as the same person. All that is mine is also yours, we say. We have never had a big fight and the reason for that is because we do what we love and we have an open relationship with each other.

What is the best thing about traveling around the world?
It’s so amazing that we have the possibility to travel as much as we do. To see different cultures, meet different people and see all the beautiful places around the world.

And the downside?
The early flights and jetlag.

You work out and travel a lot. What is your best tip on keeping up with your workouts when spending time abroad?
The key is to just force yourself to go to the gym. Often the hotels have gyms. Also, you shouldn’t work out as much when you’re on holiday. But, you can work out under a palm tree, run around the block and practice yoga on the beach.

A lot of people think you’re living the ideal life. How do you get out into the world?
First of all, if you really want something you can do it. It will take really hard work and long hours. If you’re not passionate enough about your work it won’t work. You will be able to follow your own schedule and world late nights. But it will all be worth it in the end.

You always look so fresh. What is your secret trick?
Our best tip is, without a doubt, to moisturize your body. Besides that we use a lot of serums and no matter what we sleep 8 hours a night. Take care of your skin and your body!

Three quick questions:
Best travel destination?
Bora Bora.

What are you up to on a Saturday night?
We watch Netflix and drink wine.

What are you doing in ten years?
Have a family and live in Italy.