Fourth of advent: last minute Christmas gifts

Fourth of advent: last minute Christmas gifts

Are you out of ideas for your Christmas gifts this year? With these tips you can easily create personalized gifts for your friends and family. We believe that nothing is more special than gifts made with love and care. Other -

A jar with greetings
This is a gift that will bring happiness for a long time and not only on Christmas. You do not have to worry about your budget or running errands in the stores. It is a gift that is thought through and therefore more personal. Whoever gets this gift will feel so appreciated and loved!

A “good to have flower”
Create something funnier and more personal out of your bouquet with a few good-to-have-things! You can put a face mask, a chocolate bar or something else that the receiver likes! All you need except your chosen gifts are a piece of paper for the cone, a few flowers and a ribbon.

A creative bouquet
An easy and fun way to make a regular flower to something more personal and creative! The only things you have to buy is a flower with a flower pot, some peppermint sticks, double sided tape and a ribbon to tie. Do not forget to keep the plastic on the candy to be able to eat it when Christmas is over!

Collect your dad's, boyfriend's or friend's favorite products in a pair of slippers to create a more personal feeling. You can put whatever you feel like in these slippers, chocolate, a lotion, a jewelry or a gift card, depending on what the receiver likes.

Homemade mulled wine
Do you have anyone in your family who loves mulled wine? If you do, what is a better gift than making your own mulled wine to give away in a glass bottle with a tag and ribbon tied to it? It does not get more personal than that! You can find a recipe here.

Do you have any rekommendations for last minute Christmas gifts?