First of advent: DIY Christmas Decorations

First of advent: DIY Christmas Decorations

Advent is finally here and so is our advent calendar that you will be able to read during December month. We would like to spread some Christmas cheer in your homes and what is a better way to do that than giving some DIY Christmas decoration tips? Other - 10

Christmas wreath
Homemade Christmas wreaths can be made in many different ways and it looks good with both a twig of spruce, dried berries or fruit, pine cones or any other plants that you like. Welcome your guests with a wreath on the front door or create a warm feeling in your home by hanging one on the wall. All you need is your chosen plants and some wires!

Decorated candles
Do you also love the smell of cinnamon during Christmas? Then you have to try this one, it smells amazing and it looks super cozy! The only thing you need is a candle, double-sided tape, cinnamon sticks and a wire or ribbon. Remember to be careful with fire and make sure to move the cinnamon sticks in time.

A very fun and easy decoration to make for a personal touch in your home are garlands. These can be made in many different ways just by changing the color of the wire, the text on the tags or by adding some spruce or other plants. Fits perfectly in the window, on the wall or in your Christmas tree.

Decorated pine cones
An easy and fast way to give your home the perfect winter feeling. Go out and pick some pine cones from the forest, make them white as the snow with some spray and put them on a platter with a few candles. They will also look good in a big vase or glass bowl.

Lanterns of old jars
Reuse your old glass jars and make your own personal Christmas lantern. You can easily create a lantern that gives you that Christmas feeling with only a wire or ribbon and some tags to write on. You can also tie a cinnamon stick or a twig of spruce to it for a nice Christmas smell!

Do you have any DIY Christmas decorations you want to share?