Exklusiv intervju med flickidolen

Han har toppat iTunes albumlista i Usa, varit förband åt Taylor Swift samt att hitsingeln "Life of the party" har över 70 miljoner visningar på youtube. Nouw fick en exklusiv intervju med den kanadensiska popstjärnan när han besökte Sverige i veckan. Profile -

Shawn Mendes föddes i Toronto, Kanada den 8 augusti 1998 och startade sin musikkarriär genom att dela sina versioner och covers på kända låtar via kanaler som YouTube och Vine. Populariteten och hypen kring Shawm växte fort och hans musik delades världen över. Idag har den sextonåringen över 70 miljoner visningar på YouTube, fler än 2,5 miljoner följare på Twitter och 2,5 miljoner följare på Instagram.

Vi vågar nog säga att 2015 kommer att bli kanadensaren Shawn Mendes år. Hans spelning i Stockholm den 23 februari i veckan sålde slutMINDRE än 1 minut! Mendes har toppat iTunes albumlista i Sverige och USA med debutalbumet "Handwritten" som släpps den 28 april. Inte nog med detta så har han fått det ärofyllda uppdraget att vara förband till Taylor Swift inför utsålda arenor i USA på hennes "The 1989 World Tour" som startar i vår.

Hitsingeln "Life of the Party" klev rakt in på plats 24 på Billboardslistan vilket gör honom till den yngsta artisten någonsin att placera sig på Topp 25 med en debutsingel.

Exklusiv intervju med Shawn Mendes för NOUW

1. Why are you singing, have you always done it?

– Because I love it, and I've only really done it for a few years but ever since I started I can't stop.

2. How did your journey start, where did it began?

– I started posting 6 second covers on Vine and it just took off like crazy. Sooner than I knew it I had thousands, and then hundreds of thousands of followers and it was just this crazy snowball effect of people finding my music. Then I started writing and was signed and it just continued to take off.

3. You have become a youtube-star. Do you think that the social-media is a significant part, maybe the most significant, of the success-stories for the future?

– Yes I think it's a way that people are going to be discovered for years , on different social media, and it's definitely the most significant thing of the future.

4. You have sold platinum in Sweden. What do you think is the reason to your success right here?

– I think the fans here have a really strong connection on social media and they find everything early . Many of my first fans were from here, which is pretty cool.

5. Did you expect that respons from us in Europe and Sweden?

Not at all, it really is amazing and every time I come to a new country I'm amazed at how great the fans are !

6. It's your first visit to Sweden, do you enjoy it? Is it what you have expected?

– I loved it, probably one of the most amazing places I've been .. I can't wait to come back !

7. Did the show at Debaser Srand live up to your expectations?

– Yes and went even beyond my expectations, the fans were truly amazing at the show and knew every word to every song, even the songs that aren't out yet.

8. Later this spring you will be playing at the concert of Tayler Swift, that's big! How does that feel? Nervous?

– I'm super nervous but excited and am so honored to be on tour with her

9. What's the plans for the future?

– I am putting my debut album Handwritten out in April and am so excited for everyone to hear it ! And then touring the rest of the year pretty much . I can't wait !

10. Whats your final goal?

– Hopefully have people love my music around the world, and to one day win a Grammy would be amazing as well.