BLOG OF THE WEEK:  Katrin Berndt

BLOG OF THE WEEK: Katrin Berndt

She started her blog 's always up to something, she has a big youtube-channel and loves to Profile -

For those who have not read your blog, who is Katrin?
I'm 21 years old and I've been very active on social media for a long time. I feel like I'm always up to something new with my life considering I have studied in Malmö, worked full time in Gothenburg and now I'm a full time YouTuber while living with my boyfriend in tiny Motala. My channels focus mainly on makeup, body modifications and confidence!

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging in 2008. Everyone blogged in 2008! Kissie, Dessie, Paow, Blondinbella, Kenza! I think my goal was to become the new Blondinbella. I have blogged on and off since then, and this most recent blog was started to show an additional dimension to my life, compared to YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram haha!

What do you blog about?
It's a very straight forward lifestyle blog. It's nice to be able to vent sometimes and talk about fun things that happened during the day. Some things just don't belong on my other channels. I also write a lot about products and things I buy, I love giving tips about things I like!

Why are people reading your blog, do you think?
Currently I think the majority knows me from YouTuber or other channels. I do however hope that I can get some new followers here too! That would be awesome! And I think most people read just to keep updated on what I do when I'm not posting videos!

Is there a big difference between the blog-Katrin and who you are in real life?
Hmmm... Well. It's difficult to say. I usually say that 100% of what I post online is me, but I'm not 100% what I post. There are obviously aspects of my life I do not post about, but the stuff I do is a reflection of me as a person, so that is definitely the same!

How would you describe your blog?
A little here and there, no advanced structure. I'm trying to make it as similar to my life as possible haha! It definitely gives an overview of my life!

Have you ever written anything that you regretted afterwards?
In my life? Yes, definitely loads of times haha! But believe it or not, you live and you learn. I have said inappropriate things on my YouTube-channel and probably written some stuff in my blog as well. But I'm not looking to offend anything so I just have to apologize, remember it for next time and move on.

What doesn’t your blog cover?
Thoughts and feelings I have that I don't really accept or acknowledge haha! Like... Jealousy, a lot of irrational irritation and so on. I'm very over sensitive, and I would LOVE to write it all over the place and nag about it 24/7, but that's what friends are for, not a blog with a bunch of readers! ;)

What makes a good blog?
Continuity, fresh pictures and correct language. And according to me, a positive attitude.

Tell us three things we do not know about you.
1. I have represented the US in the women's floorball world cup.
2. I love mango pure form the baby food section.
3. Since moving in with my boyfriend I feel a CONSTANT need to clean, which if you know me, is insane.

Which blogs do you read and which ones don’t you read?
I read Kenza and Blondinbella’s blogs on a daily basis, Foki’s maybe once per week and FitnessJulia + Linn Löwes every now and then when I feel like it! Also I might visit Kissie on a monthly basis too hehe...

Why should people read your blog?
I myself read blogs where you get an overview of someone’s every day life and that’s what I find interesting. So if you as a reader also like that I hope my blog might be something for you!

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