She's a positive, spontaneous and creative 25 year old girl. Her blog is about something that she has a big passion for, makeup! The blog of the week is Erica Helin. Profile -

For those who have not read your blog, who is Erica?
Wow, where do I start? A bundle of energy like no other! A positive, spontaneous and creative girl, 25 years old, who loves people and has a passion for her profession as a makeup artist! Trained in fashion and design, never say no to a glass of red wine and believe that laughter prolongs life!

Why did you start blogging?

My fiance and I were planning to move to Paris for half a year, but it was almost impossible for me to find work there when I did not know a word of French. Just before the move, I got an offer for a collaboration with Yves Rocher Sweden, which meant that I could work with my passion without having to be stuck in one place. I started the blog, moved to Paris and quickly realized how fun it is to inspire others with something that is so close to my heart - the makeup!

What do you blog about?

Most of the blog is about makeup, hair and glimpses of everyday life. I try to vary the content, to be personal but not private. I happily overflow my posts with pictures, but try to stick to a minimal quantity of text! I am still in a trial period to see what my readers appreciate.

Why are people reading your blog, do you think?

Difficult question! I think my blog is a source of inspiration. As I focused on images, it becomes very simple and easy to read.

Is there a big difference between the blog-Erica and who you are in real life?

No, absolutely not! The biggest difference is that I am much happier in reality than what I seem to be in the pictures. I would not feel comfortable in being someone else on the blog. I'm me!

How would you describe your blog?

Simple, inspiring and stylish. A blend between a few selected categories. But I am, as I said, in an explorative phase where I try to develop the content and the quality of the blog. I am open for any suggestions on how to improve it!

Photo: Magnus Egger

Have you ever written anything that you regretted afterwards?
Actually not! I'm very careful about what I post. If I have nothing good to blog about, I avoid blogging that day rather than to upload something mediocre.

What doesn’t your blog cover?

There's a lot I do not share with you in the blog. Everyday life is a good example - friends I meet, lunches / dinners I eat, events and parties I go to, etc. I post things I think my readers want to see. The rest ends up on Instagram or not being displayed at all.

What makes a good blog?

Great pictures! I rarely read what bloggers write, but if they have good pictures, I can sit and scroll for hours on the same blog. If the design is messy or content confusing, it doesn’t catch my interest at all.

Tell us three things we do not know about you.

1: I am extremely pedantic regarding basically everything, which certainly has its pros and cons!

2: Patience - what is that? Nothing a quality that I possess.

3: I am obsessed about L.A. and Gossip Girl!

Which blogs do you read and which ones don’t you read?

- Blogs of high quality. I like being packed with inspiration and new ideas! Examples are Kenzas, Janni Deler and Lisa Olsson. The ones that become deselected are simply the blogs that I do not feel measure up, have too much text or write about things that do not really inspire or interest me.

Why should people read your blog?

- If you are out of ideas when it comes to makeup, want to get suggestions for new good products, or simply want to try a new hairstyle, you should give my blog a chance! I really appreciate when readers offer suggestions on topics or makeups to blog about, then I know that I can give my readers what they want!

Photo: Magnus Egger

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