Best of Nouw

Best of Nouw

Last week definitely has a huge fall vibe. Our bloggers spent time in the beautiful fall nature, baked and jumped into warmer and cozy fall clothes.  Lifestyle - 9

Left | @johannaturpeinen made a fun little update on how everything is going; everything from family, friends and work to how she get's inspired, what she eats, read and look forward to. Maybe you can find some inspiration?

Right | @projectswedenlh just went home to Luleå for the weekend. She rode her horse in the woods, saw some friends, celebrated her mom and just enjoyed being home for a while.

Left | @sarahsophia and her family absolutely loves these honey mamas bars and they look sooo good. Find the recipe on her blog - be careful, you might get addicted to them!

Right | @jessicalily came home from work the other day and found the most beautiful bouquet. Who wouldn't love to come home to that? What a pleasant surprise!

Left | @bodyintelligence just got a lash lift and it looks amazing. She loves using an eyelash serum combined with a lash lift - who wouldn't want these eyelashes?

Right | @aurorabinder shared a cool outfit using this falls all time favorite; a sweater vest! It's so trendy and most definitely a go-to item for this fall and winter.

Left |@loualexandra went hiking at the Rocky Mountains with some friends and the trip looks amazing. Who wouldn't want experiences and memories with good friends like that?

Right | @rebeccabillger just posted her three favorite porridge recipes in honor of porridge day. So if you're in need of some inspiration you might check it out!

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