Best of Nouw #7

Best of Nouw #7

Last week our international bloggers spent sunbathing on a rooftop Down Under, saw some amazing places in Iran and celebrated Valentine's day in the best way possible. Lifestyle - 5

Left: Finland | There are coats and then there are coats. This stunning piece @SofiasMode says is like it's walking around in a blanket. We're intrigued!

Right: England | How did you spend Valtentine's day? @fashionisminepassion visited Elan Café in London, and they might have created the untimate V-day setting.

Left: Sweden | @jennyjungell had an amazing weekend morning. The paper, some hot tea and pancakes - how can you go wrong with that?

Right: Finland | Last week was filled with love, and for @aurorabinder - it was no eception.

Left: Sweden | @experiencewithlouise sent us a postcard from picture perfect Portugal.

Right: USA | @linneaperssonla seized the moment in Beverly Hills. Cold drinks, a good friend and blinding sunshine.

Left: Finland | @johannaturpeinen also had a next level Valentine's day. So many stunning flowers!

Right: Sweden | How your face looks when you get to drink wine with friends, overlooking some amazing views in Morocko? Well, @mawl's face says it all, doesn't it?

Left: Australia | @elinanna relaxed on a warm & sunny rooftop in OZ. A Friday spent well!

Right: Norway | @maraldesign visited the most breathtaking place.

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