Best of Nouw #6

Best of Nouw #6

Last week our international bloggers ate tasty brunches and visited magical places. They were surrounded by palm trees, city lights, white beaches and surf waves. Click in to see more! Lifestyle - 2

Left: Sweden | @hannasch's surrounded herself by waterfalls, white beaches, palm trees and magical sunsets.

Right: Finland | @aurorabinder visited the Sheikh Zeyad Mosque in Abu Dhabi, and it was one of the most beautiful places she's ever seen.

Left: Sweden | @andreapalomas left winter behind and took off to Costa Rica.

Right: Finland | @XOPEPITO enjoyed a brunch with banana bread and croissants.

Left: Denmark | @mariakragmann went to Stockholm for the YSL-pary.

Right: Australia | @jennnyperssson spent some hours surfing with her father.

Left: Finland | @TwoDropsOfWater started her Saturday morning with some newly baked bread, tasty gravlax, a delicious toast skagen, hot coffee and freshly squeezed apple juice.

Right: USA | @bettersunkissed shared a post of this pretty summer outfit - matching red and pink.

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