Best of Nouw #49

Best of Nouw #49

Last week our international bloggers really started feeling festive for the holidays! They drank hot cocoa and dressed in Christmas jumpers. But they also spent their days in exotic places and showed us arund the stunning island of Phuket! Lifestyle - 2

Left: Sweden | Oh, deer! In @amandamoritz's house some people are more excited for Christmas than others.

Right: Denmark | Things got festive in @MariaKragmann's home last week.

Left: Sweden | Is there anything cozier than to curl up in the sofa, with some hot cocoa? @joannajohansson doesn't think so, and neither do we!

Right: Norway | The weekend came rolling around and @Fashionjunkiie celebrated with two pops of color! 

Left: USA | Waking up in the morning isn't half bad if this is what's on the kitchen table. @applebites you did well!

Right: Australia | @millntess ate some of this yumminess at a new place in town.

Left: Thailand | @matiasarild showed us around Phuket island and it's a pastell dream.

Right: Sweden | @Matildadjerf spent a few days in Marrakech and wore this stunning dress.

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