Best of Nouw #48

Best of Nouw #48

November turned into December. Our international bloggers have been traveling the world. They have been enjoying both sun and snow, celebrating first of advent, cooking delicious pasta and shared their best hair-care routine. Lifestyle - 3

Left: Sweden | @alicestenlof spent her last day in Marrakech were she had been for a couple of days shooting. She really looks stunning!

Right: Norway | This is how @MarenPlatou first day in Dubai looked like. She started out by crusing around in the desert on quad bikes and ended up riding a camel in the sunset. Pretty amazing.

Left: Sweden | It was the first Sunday of Advent and @joannajohansson made an advent calender for her kids, where they get to open a gift every Sunday until Christmas Eve.

Right: Norway | @Kajaand shared a simple pasta avocado recipe, that looks delicious. Such a great combo for us who love both avocado and pasta!

Left: Sweden | @mariellelindahl enjoyed her last days on Bali, before she was off to Vietnam.

Right: Norway | @Gambitsky always got her hair on point and this week she shared her hair-care routine,, you can read it here!

Left: Denmark | @Itsmypassions shared a part 2 from her Paris trip.

Right: Sweden | The snow came to Northern Sweden and @amandamoritz and her baby girl was really enjoying it.

Left: Spain | @jcedin is spending her days in Brazil at the moment. Warm wind, warm water and cold coconuts is a part of her life down there.

Right: Denmark | Imaging waking up like this. That's exactly what @JosefineHJ and her boyfriend did for two days on Bali.

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