Best of Nouw #47

Best of Nouw #47

Last week our international bloggers started decorating for Christmas, shot stunning pictures in Iceland, spent a few days in London and got re-united with a city close to their heart. What more? Lifestyle -

Left: | Germany | @xoxominna is eating her way through the best places in Berlin and this place was (clearly) a good one. Yum!

Right: | Poland | @jbanaszewska had a hectic last week. She celebrated it being over with a cup of tea and posting some snapshots from her week!

Left: | Sweden | @joannajohansson loves seeing her two boys together.

Right: | Sweden | @loveandlight showed us some stunning pictures from Iceland.

Left: | Denmark | @JosefineHJ found it heart warming to be back in a city where she used to live - LA!

Right: | Sweden | @lizadagsberg has the perfect start to her weekend - the Italian way!

Left: | Italy | @cottonandtonic has shared a few tips on how to live "la dolce vita" over on her blog. Number 3 is our favourite, for sure!

Right: | England | @JosefinMolanders decorated her home in preparation for the first of Advent. Who's excited for Christmas?

Left: | USA | @STARSANDSTRIPES shared a few Sunday moments from New York City.

Right: | Spain | @sofiainmadrid spent a few relaxing days with her boyfriend in London, where they watched a rugby game, ate a mean steak and had a good lie in. Does sound okay, doesn't it?