Best of Nouw #46

Best of Nouw #46

Last week our international bloggers gave us golden London tips, took a breather in Bournemouth, saw the first snow fall to the ground in Norway and explored Budapest over the weekend. Lifestyle - 2

Left: Finland | This is how happy you look when you've been featured in an interview. More info on @Jasminaleksandra's blog here.

Right: Finland | @karoliuy talked all things Notting Hill. And you know what, that little chat includes the adress for the blue door from the movie Notting Hill. No, we're not joking, go in an see here.

Left: Sweden | Baking can be tricky, right? Good thing @amandamoritz has a little helper at hand.

Right: Norway | As the first snow fell, @saraflaaen got some massive winter vibes - and loved it!

Left: England | @fashionisminepassion escaped the city smog and went to Bournemouth over the weekend. We can almost feel the fresh air all the way here.

Right: England | @Ellinoras was kind enough to share the best waffle place in London. Say no more, we're on our way!

Left: Israel | @maayanhaber and her mum went shopping for matching yellow outfits and the cuteness is real.

Right: USA | In New York, you can still enjoy the crip air and yellow leaves. And it looks like @applebites is happy about it, doesn't it?

Left: Sweden | Hey! That's @Jasminella and her other half exploring Budapest last weekend.

Right: Sweden | @mathildahogbergs attended an exciting launching event in Gothenburg. You'll know the brand by their handbags, iconic fragrances and two letter logo. Any guesses?

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