Best of Nouw #4

Best of Nouw #4

Last week our international bloggers ate good food, went on picnics and took beach walks. One wrote about the best photo spots in Barcelona and another about her latest makeup favorites. Click in to read more! Lifestyle - 8

Left: USA | @linneaperssonla took a beach walk from Venice Beach all the way to Santa Monica.

Right: Denmark | @jennifergeertsen started her Wednesday with a yummy breakfast with two lovely friends.

Left: Finland | What is better on a gray, rainy Sunday than a lunch picnic? Just what @johannaturpeinen also thought.

Right: Finland | @Brilis documented her latest makeup favs. This is really something for the make up lovers.

Left: Australia | @elinanna had a good night with her friends hanging out in the park. They had a little post-Christmas picnic and drank wine, ate take away food and gave each other gifts.

Right: Dubai | @kristinegrinna went on a boat trip on her vacation in Vietnam.

Left: Spain | @JennaClaudia wrote a post with her best tips for photo spots in Barcelona.

Right: Spain | Cape Town has delivered pretty insane conditions lately and for a surfer like @jcedin, she's really enjoying the 4m weather.

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